Birth: 950 , Evreux, Normandie (RĂ©gion), France
Death: ABT 1037
Burial: 1037

Married (1) Herleva of Falaise

Married (2) Havlive Rouen on ABT 985 at , France

Married (3) Havlive Rouen

Married (4) Havlive Countess Of Evereux on 989/1025 at France

Married (5) Harleve

Married (6) Harleve on WFT Est. 996-1027

Married (7) Herleve de Evereux

Married (8) Havlive on ABT 995 at , Normandy, France

Married (9) Havlive Mrs De Rouen on <0989> at , Normandie, France

Richard Gunnora
m.(1) Herleva of Falaise

m.(2) Havlive Rouen

m.(3) Havlive Rouen

m.(4) Havlive Countess Of Evereux

m.(5) Harleve

m.(6) Harleve

m.(7) Herleve de Evereux

m.(8) Havlive

m.(9) Havlive Mrs De Rouen

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