Birth: 836 , Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
Death: 25 MAR 870 , Melian, , , Italy

Married (1) Eudes Odo Vadon on 823 at Orleans, Loiret, Centre, France

Married (2) Eudes Odo on ABT 824 at Orleans, Loiret, France

Married (3) Hendrik van der Mark

Married (4) Hunroch Margrave of Friuli

Married (5) Pippin Karloman der Franken

Ger[b]hard\Girard\Gerard I Count of TOURS & PARIS Rotrude\Rotrou of Austrasia Countess of PARIS
Begue Comte De Paris Aupais Of The West
m.(1) Eudes Odo Vadon

m.(2) Eudes Odo

m.(3) Hendrik van der Mark

Hedwige van der Mark
m.(4) Hunroch Margrave of Friuli

m.(5) Pippin Karloman der Franken

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