Pepin The Hunchback France


Birth: APR 777 , Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia
Christened: 12 APR 781 , Rome, Italy
Death: 8 JUL 810 , Milian, Italy

Occupation: King of the Franks

Married (1) Bertrada Countess Of Laon on ABT 740 at Heristal, Liege, Belgium

Married (2) Bertha of Leon on ABT 740

Married (3) Bertha Morvois FRANCE on ABT 740

Married (4) Berthe de Toulouse

Married (5) Bertha Ingeltrude Van Autan on ABT 795

Married (6) on ABT 741 at Ingelmunster, West Flanders, Belgium, Netherlands

Charles Martel Chrotrude
Pepin The Hunchback France
m.(1) Bertrada Countess Of Laon

Charlemagne Carolingians Emperor of Holy Roman Empire

Ada Franks

Carloman, King Of Burgundy

Rothaide Princess Of France

Hermengarde Carolingians

Adaele Queen Of France

PEPIN III 'the Short' King of the Franks

Giselle Martel Princess Of France
m.(2) Bertha of Leon

m.(3) Bertha Morvois FRANCE

m.(4) Berthe de Toulouse

m.(5) Bertha Ingeltrude Van Autan


Carloman De Heristal

Gilles Prince of Franks




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