Fresende, Fredistina de Normandie

Birth: 1000 , Loire, France
Death: 1037 , Normandie, France

Married Seigneur Hauteville Tancred Guiscard Baron Of Normandy, on ABT 1030

Judith Rennes
Fresende, Fredistina de Normandie
m.Seigneur Hauteville Tancred Guiscard Baron Of Normandy,

Roger or Roggero de Hautville

Humbert de Hauteville

Fredesende D' Hauteville

Robert de Hauteville

Humphrey De Hauteville De Siciliy

Alberad De hauteville

Emma D' Hauteville

Robert Hauteville

Beatrix Apulia

Tancred D' Hauteville

Beatrix Of Hauteville

Gerard De Arbitot de Tankerville

Robert Guiscard

Knight William De Hauteville

Robert I " Guiscard" de Hauteville

Robert Guiscard

Robert I Guiscard of Apulia Hauteville

Mauger D' Hauteville

Robert Guiscard de Hauteville

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