Eudes I "Odo", The Great, Grand Duke of Aquitaine

Birth: 646 , Aquitaine, France
Death: 735 , Alsace, France

Married (1) St Adele de Austrasia

Married (2) Adela van Austasia on 650

Married (3) Adela Austrasia on ABT 678 at Alsace, France

Married (4) Valtrude D Orleans on 656 at Verdun, Austrasia, France

Married (5) Valtrude Of Neustria

Married (6) Valtrude of Verdun

Married (7) Waltrude N...

Married (8) Lampade De Austrasia on 688

Married (9) Eudes Duchess Of Aquitaine

Married (10) Adela Chrodelinde Von Austrasia

Married (11) Adela

Bodegisel de Aquitane Oda Itte de Sauvian
Eudes I "Odo", The Great, Grand Duke of Aquitaine
m.(1) St Adele de Austrasia

m.(2) Adela van Austasia

m.(3) Adela Austrasia

m.(4) Valtrude D Orleans

m.(5) Valtrude Of Neustria

m.(6) Valtrude of Verdun

m.(7) Waltrude N...

m.(8) Lampade De Austrasia

m.(9) Eudes Duchess Of Aquitaine

m.(10) Adela Chrodelinde Von Austrasia

m.(11) Adela

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