Birth: ABT 952 , Anjou, Maine-et-Loire, France
Death: ABT 1026 , Toulouse, Haute-Garrone, Mid-Pyrenees, France

Married (1) Etienne de Brioude on BEF 987 at France

Married (2) William

Married (3) Stephani Count Of Grevaudan on 956 at Anjou, France

Married (4) Stephani

Married (5) Stephani

Married (6) Stephani Count_ Of Grevaudan

Married (7) Stephani on ABT 966

Married (8) Stephani

Married (9) WILLIAM Count of Arles

Juhel Berenger
m.(1) Etienne de Brioude

m.(2) William

m.(3) Stephani Count Of Grevaudan

m.(4) Stephani

m.(5) Stephani

m.(6) Stephani Count_ Of Grevaudan

m.(7) Stephani

m.(8) Stephani

m.(9) WILLIAM Count of Arles

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