Raimond II Conde de Toulouse

Birth: 875 , Toulouse, Septimanie, France
Death: 960 , Toulouse, Haute Garonne, France

Married (1) Guidinilde

Married (2) Guinhilde Barcelona on ABT 890

Married (3) Gudinilde of Barcelona

Married (4) Guidenilde on WFT Est. 928-962

Married (5) Guidenilde on ABT 920 at of France

Married (6) Gudinilde N...

Married (7) Unknown

Married (8) Guidneilde Of Toulouse

Married (9) Unknown

Married (10) Gudinilde de Barcelone

Married (11) Guidinilde

Married (12) Garsinde de Rouergue

Married (13) Gunhilde De Besalu

Married (14) Guidenide on BEF 923

Married (15) Guidenilde

Married (16) Gudinilde

Married (17) Unknown

Married (18) Gudinilde de Barcelone

Married (19) Unknown

Married (20) Guidinilde

Raymond Rouergue Berthe de Remy Ermengol Herman De Alby
Odo Rouergue Garsinde
Raimond II Conde de Toulouse
m.(1) Guidinilde

m.(2) Guinhilde Barcelona

m.(3) Gudinilde of Barcelona

m.(4) Guidenilde

m.(5) Guidenilde

m.(6) Gudinilde N...

m.(7) Unknown

m.(8) Guidneilde Of Toulouse

m.(9) Unknown

m.(10) Gudinilde de Barcelone

m.(11) Guidinilde

m.(12) Garsinde de Rouergue

m.(13) Gunhilde De Besalu

m.(14) Guidenide

m.(15) Guidenilde

m.(16) Gudinilde

m.(17) Unknown

m.(18) Gudinilde de Barcelone

m.(19) Unknown

m.(20) Guidinilde

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