Eleanor of Castille

Birth: 1244 , Burgon, Spain
Death: 28 NOV 1290 , Harby, Nottinghamshire
Burial: 1290 , Westminster, Greater London, England

Married on 18 OCT 1254 at Burgos, Burgos, Spain

Edward I Plantagenet,
Eleanor of Castille

Joan of Acre

Berengaria Plantagenet

Henry II Plantagenet

Eleanor of England, House of Plantagenet

Blance Plantagenet

Alice , Of England Plantagenet

Isabel Plantagenet Princess of England

Prince Alphonso of England

Alphonse Plantagenet

Mary Plantagenet

Eleanor of England

Alphonso Plantagenet

Joan of Acre


Margaret Plantagenet

Joan "The Fair Maid Of Kent" Plantagenet

Margaret of England

Edmund Woodstock Plantagenet

Alfonso Plantagenet

Isabel Plantagenet

Edmund Of Woodstock

Joan of Acre

Isabel Princess Of England

Thomas Plantagenet

Elizabeth Princess

Beatrice Plantagenet

Edmund of Woodstock

Elizabeth Princess of England

Elizabeth Isabel

John Baron Of Botetourte

Joan of Acre Princess of England

Of England Elizabeth

Eleanor Platagnet

John Plantaganet


of England Margaret

Edmond de Woodstock

Alphonso Prince of England

Edward England Plantagenet

of England Isabel

Elizabeth Plantagenet

of England Blanche

Edmund Plantaganet

Thomas Prince Of England


Alice Plantagenet


Thomas Of Brotherton Plantagenet

Mary Princess

of England Berengaria

of England Elizabeth

Thomas Plantagenet




Eleonor Princess Of England

Thomas of Brotherton Plantagenet

Eleanor Of Lancaster Plantagenet

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