Willa II Marquess of Tuscany

Birth: 884 , Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France
Death: 936 , tuscany, Italy

Married (1) Boso Count Of Arles on WFT Est. 916-933

Married (2) Boso

Married (3) Boson de TOSCANE on 912

Married (4) Boso Medici Margrave D'Arles at Bourgogne, France

Married (5) Boso

Married (6) Boso of Gascony

Married (7) Boso Of Tuscagne

Married (8) Boso Marquis of Tuscany on 905 at Burgundy, , , France

Married (9) Boso

Waldrada or Vaudrie Countess Of Auxerre Boso Bosonid Ermengard Carolingian
Rudolph Guelph Guilla Bosonid
Willa II Marquess of Tuscany
m.(1) Boso Count Of Arles

m.(2) Boso

m.(3) Boson de TOSCANE

m.(4) Boso Medici Margrave D'Arles

m.(5) Boso

m.(6) Boso of Gascony

m.(7) Boso Of Tuscagne

m.(8) Boso Marquis of Tuscany

m.(9) Boso

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