Adela of Normandy

Birth: 1067 , Normandy, Plouigneau, Bretagne, France
Death: 8 MAR 1137 , Marcigny-sur-Loire, France
Burial: Abbey of Holy Trinity, Caen, Normandy, France

Married (1) Stephen II Henry, Comte de Blois on 1080 at Breteuil, France

Married (2) Etienne Henri

Married (3) Stephen Henry Blois Blois on 1083 at Breteuil, France

Married (4) Henri I de CHAMPAGNE on ABT 1080 at Breteuil, Normand, , France

William I Conqueror of England Peverel de Nottingham
Adela of Normandy
m.(1) Stephen II Henry, Comte de Blois

m.(2) Etienne Henri

m.(3) Stephen Henry Blois Blois

m.(4) Henri I de CHAMPAGNE

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