Birth: 2 APR 742 , Aix, Puy-de-Dôme, Auvergne, France
Christened: 1 MAY 752 , St Denis, Paris, Seine, France
Death: 28 JAN 814 , Aix, Puy-de-Dôme, Auvergne, France
Burial: 28 JAN 814 , Aachen, Rhineland, Germany

Married (1) Judith of Flanders on 772 at Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia

Married (2) Hildegard Vinsgau on ABT 773

Married (3) Hildegarde von Vinzgau

Married (4) Hildegarde Anglachau on 771 at Aachen, Rheinland, Prussia

Married (5) Hildegarde De Vintzau Vintschgau on 775

Married (6) Hildegarde De Vintzgau on 775

Married (7) Fastrade De Franconie

Married (8) Hildegarde von Vinzgau

Married (9) Hildegarda de Vinzgouw on 771

Married (10) Hildegarde de Vintzau on 772 at Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia

m.(1) Judith of Flanders

m.(2) Hildegard Vinsgau

m.(3) Hildegarde von Vinzgau

m.(4) Hildegarde Anglachau

m.(5) Hildegarde De Vintzau Vintschgau

m.(6) Hildegarde De Vintzgau

m.(7) Fastrade De Franconie

m.(8) Hildegarde von Vinzgau

m.(9) Hildegarda de Vinzgouw

m.(10) Hildegarde de Vintzau

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