Cynfyn Ap Gwrystan

Married (1) Angahrad Verch Maredydd on 1023 at , , Wales

Married (2) Angharad ap Seisyll on 1023 at Powis, Montgomeryshire, Wales

Married (3) Angharad

Married (4) Add Wife

Married (5) Angharad verch Maredudd on 1023

Married (6) Angarad verch Maredudd

Married (7) Ealdgyth de Mercia

Married (8) Angharad verch Maredudd Queen of Powys on 1023

Married (9) Unknown

Married (10) Living

Married (11) Cyevyn ap Gerystan

Married (12) Cynvyn Ap Gwrystan

Married (13) Cynfyn ap Cynfyn on ABT 1024 at Powys, , Wales

Married (14) Angharad Maredydd on ABT 1013 at Wales, England

Married (15) Angharad Verch Maredudd on ABT 1057 at of, Montgomeryshire, Wales

Married (16) Angharet on 1023

Married (17) Angharad

Married (18) Angharad verch Maredydd on ABT 1023

Gwaithfoed ap Gwynnan Gwaithfoed ap Gwynnan Cadell Ap Brochwel Cadell Ap Brochwel
Gwerystan Ap Gwaethfoed Baron Powys Nest Verch Cadell
Cynfyn Ap Gwrystan
m.(1) Angahrad Verch Maredydd

m.(2) Angharad ap Seisyll

m.(3) Angharad

m.(4) Add Wife

m.(5) Angharad verch Maredudd

m.(6) Angarad verch Maredudd

m.(7) Ealdgyth de Mercia

m.(8) Angharad verch Maredudd Queen of Powys

m.(9) Unknown

m.(10) Living

m.(11) Cyevyn ap Gerystan

m.(12) Cynvyn Ap Gwrystan

m.(13) Cynfyn ap Cynfyn

m.(14) Angharad Maredydd

m.(15) Angharad Verch Maredudd

m.(16) Angharet

m.(17) Angharad

m.(18) Angharad verch Maredydd

Iverydd Verch Gwerystan


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