Amalafrida "The Younger"

Birth: ABT 537 , Norway
Death: 556 , Y, Somme, Picardie, France
Burial: ABT 580 , Norway

Married (1) Heidrek " Ulfhamr" Angantyrsson on 568 at , Jutland, Denmark

Married (2) Bradley Glenn Jolley

Married (3) Heidrek "Ulfhamr" Angantyrsson

Married (4) Hilderic

Vinitharuis Wandalar Ostrotoths
Amalafrida "The Younger"
m.(1) Heidrek " Ulfhamr" Angantyrsson

m.(2) Bradley Glenn Jolley

m.(3) Heidrek "Ulfhamr" Angantyrsson

m.(4) Hilderic

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