Birth: ABT 497 , Rheims, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France
Death: 29 NOV 561 , Braines, Loire Atlantique, France
Burial: Soissons, Aisne, Picardie, France

Married (1) Arégonde of Thuringia

Married (2) Aregund or Ingronde

Married (3) Ingonde VonThuringia on 517 at , , France, Europe

Married (4) Ingarde Queen of France

Married (5) Haregonde Franks on ABT 523

Married (6) Radegonde, Queen of The on ABT 538

Married (7) Radegunda Of Thuringia on 517 at France

Married (8) Ingunde

Married (9) Ingonde Radegonda

Married (10) Radégonde (Sainte Radégonde) de Soissons on 538

Married (11) Chunsene Gunsine Gunsinde

Married (12) Ingonde

Married (13) Rodegonde

Married (14) Waldrade

Married (15) Ingonde

Married (16) Ingunda

Married (17) Gondioche on ABT 526

Married (18) Ingonde

Married (19) Haregonde

Married (20) Ingonde Queen Of Franks

Married (21) Radegonde Franks on ABT 538

Married (22) Ingolde DE THURINGIA

Married (23) Haregonde

Married (24) Ingonde Thuringia on 517 at , , France

Married (25) Aregonde Ingonde

Married (26) Inegonde

Childeric I, King of France Basina Thuringia Chilperic II Burgundy Agrippina Of Burgundy
Clovis I "The Great," Clotilde
m.(1) Arégonde of Thuringia

m.(2) Aregund or Ingronde

m.(3) Ingonde VonThuringia

m.(4) Ingarde Queen of France

m.(5) Haregonde Franks

m.(6) Radegonde, Queen of The

m.(7) Radegunda Of Thuringia

m.(8) Ingunde

m.(9) Ingonde Radegonda

m.(10) Radégonde (Sainte Radégonde) de Soissons

m.(11) Chunsene Gunsine Gunsinde

m.(12) Ingonde

m.(13) Rodegonde

m.(14) Waldrade

m.(15) Ingonde

m.(16) Ingunda

m.(17) Gondioche

m.(18) Ingonde

m.(19) Haregonde

m.(20) Ingonde Queen Of Franks

m.(21) Radegonde Franks

m.(22) Ingolde DE THURINGIA

m.(23) Haregonde

m.(24) Ingonde Thuringia

m.(25) Aregonde Ingonde

m.(26) Inegonde

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