Charles Martell

Birth: 676 , Heristal, Leige, Belgium
Death: 22 OCT 741 , Quierzy sur Oise, Aisne, France
Burial: St Denis, Seine, France

Married (1) Galiana or Saracen Concubine

Married (2) Chunehild

Married (3) Rotrude or Chrotude

Married (4) Galiana Carolingians

Married (5) Suanhilde on 725

Ans├ęgisel de Metz Beggue St Beggue Alberic of Austrasia Adele de Pointers
Pepin D' Heristal Alpaide Heristal DeBruyeres
Charles Martell
m.(1) Galiana or Saracen Concubine

m.(2) Chunehild

m.(3) Rotrude or Chrotude

m.(4) Galiana Carolingians

m.(5) Suanhilde

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