Charles Martel Mayor Of Neistra


Birth: 689 , Heristal, Liege, Belgium Source
Christened: 714 , Austrasia (Karl Martel - Karl of the Hammer, ,
Death: 22 0ct 741 , Ciersy, France Source
Burial: 22 OCT 741 , Monastery of St Denis, Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Occupation: King of the Franks

Married (1) Sonichilde (Sunihilde, Swanhilde) Duchess Of Nanks

Married (2) Regintrude von Austrasia on BY 714 at Austrasia

Married (3) Swanhilda Agilolfinges on BEF 732

Married (4) Rotrude Travis or Traves

Married (5) on WFT Est 706-721 at Austrasie

Married (6) Chrotrude of Alemania Duchess of

Married (7) Rotrude Treves

Married (8) Rotrude deTrĂªves de Thurgovie

Married (9) Chunehild on 725

Married (10) Chrotrud von Franken

Married (11) Mrs. Alpaide Martel

Married (12) of Austrasia Chrotude Rotrude

Married (13) Chrotrude Rotrude

Married (14) Rotrude (Chrotrude) Countess of LAON

Married (15) Suanhilde on BEF 735

Married (16) Rotrude or Chrotude on ABT 713 at 1st Wife, ,

Married (17) Bertha on ABT 740 at of Austrasia, , France

Married (18) Rotrude ( Chrotude), Duchess Of on ABT 713 at , , Austrasia

Married (19) Sonichilde (Sunihilde) (Swanhilde) Nanks

Married (20) Chotrud Rotrou

Married (21) Chrotrude Rotrude

Married (22) ) Charles " Martel" Carolingians at Not Married

Married (23) Galiana Austrasia

Married (24) Chrotrude ( Lady) De Trevers

Married (25) Rotrude Chrotude Unknown

Married (26) Rotrude or Chrotrude on ABT 712

Married (27) Rotruda de Treves Duquesa de Austrasia on 713 at 1st Wife

Married (28) Chrotrudis on ABT 713 at 1st Wife

Pepin, "The Younger"
Charles Martel Mayor Of Neistra
m.(1) Sonichilde (Sunihilde, Swanhilde) Duchess Of Nanks

Grifon (Gripho), Duke Of Bavaria
m.(2) Regintrude von Austrasia

Pepin The Hunchback France

Childtrude (Hiltrude) Duchess Of Bavaria

Carloman Prince Of France
m.(3) Swanhilda Agilolfinges

Aldane Of Francia
m.(4) Rotrude Travis or Traves

Aude de Aldane


Aldana Austrasia Carolingian Martel

Pepin "le Bref" " de Herstal

Carloman (Carolingian) Martel


PEPIN III 'the Short' King of the Franks

Iii Pepin
m.(6) Chrotrude of Alemania Duchess of

m.(7) Rotrude Treves

m.(8) Rotrude deTrĂªves de Thurgovie

m.(9) Chunehild

m.(10) Chrotrud von Franken

m.(11) Mrs. Alpaide Martel

m.(12) of Austrasia Chrotude Rotrude

m.(13) Chrotrude Rotrude

m.(14) Rotrude (Chrotrude) Countess of LAON

m.(15) Suanhilde

m.(16) Rotrude or Chrotude

m.(17) Bertha

m.(18) Rotrude ( Chrotude), Duchess Of

m.(19) Sonichilde (Sunihilde) (Swanhilde) Nanks

m.(20) Chotrud Rotrou

m.(21) Chrotrude Rotrude

m.(22) ) Charles " Martel" Carolingians

m.(23) Galiana Austrasia

m.(24) Chrotrude ( Lady) De Trevers

m.(25) Rotrude Chrotude Unknown

m.(26) Rotrude or Chrotrude

m.(27) Rotruda de Treves Duquesa de Austrasia

Auda Martel
m.(28) Chrotrudis

Notes: Carles the Hammer was an illegitimate son, apparently adopted by Plectr ude's husband, or their son together before they married.

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