Birth: ABT 751 , of Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia
Christened: 751 , Austrasia - son of Pepin III the Short
Death: 771 , Samoucy, Aisne, France
Burial: ABT 771 , Abbaye DE St Rémy, Reims, Neustria

Married (1) Luitgard Duchess of Burgundy

Married (2) Gerberge de Aachen on 768 at , Austrasia, France

Married (3) Chalon Gerberga on 768 at of Austrasia, France

Charles Martel Mayor Of Neistra Bertrada Countess Of Laon
Pepin "le Bref" " de Herstal Bertrade de Laon
m.(1) Luitgard Duchess of Burgundy

m.(2) Gerberge de Aachen

m.(3) Chalon Gerberga

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