Birth: ABT 751 , of Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia
Christened: 751 , Austrasia - son of Pepin III the Short
Death: 771 , Samoucy, Aisne, France
Burial: ABT 771 , Abbaye DE St Rémy, Reims, Neustria

Married (1) Luitgard Duchess of Burgundy

Married (2) Gerberge de Aachen on 768 at , Austrasia, France

Married (3) Gerberge Queen Of Burgandy on 768 at of Austrasia, France

Married (4) Chalon Gerberga on 768 at of Austrasia, France

Charles Martel Bertrada Countess Of Laon
Pepin "le Bref" " de Herstal Bertrade de Laon
m.(1) Luitgard Duchess of Burgundy

m.(2) Gerberge de Aachen

m.(3) Gerberge Queen Of Burgandy

m.(4) Chalon Gerberga

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