Ralph Neville

Birth: 1440 , Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Christened: 1331 , (61-1425)
Death: Deceased , Raby Castle, Durham, England
Burial: OCT 1425 , Cathedral Church, Durham, Durham, England

Married (1) Eupheme Anastasia FitzRobert Clavering on 1282 at Warkworth, Northumberland, England, Great Britain

Married (2) Alice de Albini on 1208 at Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England

Married (3) Alice Audley on 22 MAY 1334 at Durham, England

Married (4) Elizabeth De Ledes on ABT 1356 at Of, Gipton, Yorkshire, England

Married (5) Elizabeth De Ledes on ABT 1356 at Of, Gipton, Yorkshire, England

Married (6) on <1467> at

Married (7) Alice De Audley

Married (8) Margaret De Stafford on ABT 1382 at Of, Stafford, Staffordshire, England

Richard Neville Alice Montagu (Montacute) 5th Countess of Salisbury
Ralph Neville
m.(1) Eupheme Anastasia FitzRobert Clavering

m.(2) Alice de Albini

m.(3) Alice Audley

Margaret De neville

Catherine de Neville


Euphemia , Of Lucy NEVILLE

Eupheme de Neville

Ralph Neville

Thomas de Nevill

Thomas de Neville

Alexander De Neville

Alexander DE Neville

Robert de Neville

Elizabeth de Neville

Elizabeth De Neville

Alexander De ARCHBISHOP OF D Neville

Eleanor de Neville

John de Neville,
m.(4) Elizabeth De Ledes

m.(5) Elizabeth De Ledes


Hugh de Neville

Ralph De Neville


Reginald de Neville

Adam de Neville

Reginald de Neville


Anastacia De neville

Thomas De Neville

Ralph Neville


Ralph de Neville

Alice De Neville

Margaret De neville

William de Neville

Robert de Neville

Robert de Neville

Randolph DE Neville

Margaret De Nevill

Mercy Neville

Randolph De Neville

Robert II de Neville

Henry de Neville

Maresia Mercy De Neville

Joan Neville

Mericia Nevill
m.(7) Alice De Audley

m.(8) Margaret De Stafford

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